Week 26

A new cousin is on its way!!! 

Aunty Chantelle and Uncle Nathan are having a baby. They have waited a really long time for this and everyone is so happy and excited for them. In a few weeks we will find out if it is a little girl or boy.


When I eat finger foods it can be really messy, sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t just bit it or put it all in my mouth. I don’t understand that I need to chew it to break bits off.  

We went to mini mayhem with mummy’s friend Sarah and her little girl Isabella. We really liked looking at each other and we held hands for a minute. Our mummy’s hope we will grow up to be good friends. 

Mummy had a choir performance at the Hawth on Wednesday so I went and had an evening with the Kenneth’s. Here I am with Uncle Liam and Luca. 
This week Mummy and Daddy have noticed lots of changes in my brain development. 

I am much more aware of movements that I make, they are more intentional than impulsive. I get frustrated if I can’t reach a toy that I was and I can pass my dummy from one hand to another. 

My sleeping routine hasn’t quite gone back to normal since we came home from holiday and I am learning to roll over properly so I practice in my sleep and it wakes me up. Hopefully when I have mastered the skill my routine will get back on track. 


This week three really big things happened, Daddy asked Mummy to marry him, I rolled over for the first time and I reached a whopping 6 months old.  
This was the photo mummy and auntie Giorg spent half an hour trying to capture. I was more interested in putting my toes in the air.  
 Here I am on the flight to Portugal, it’s not a great photo but I was so well behaved.

A family photo of us in the pool, it was freezing and Daddy moaned the whole time. I just liked floating around in my swimseat.

 We went out for lunch when we arrived and I had everyone in stitches at the restaurant because I was giggling so much. One lady stopped eating her meal to come and take a photo of me.   
Me and mummy at the airport.

 A family selfie of all of the gang on our way to dinner.

We managed to get a lovely photo of everyone at dinner. 

There weren’t any baths in the villa so I had my first sink bath! I loved it because I could sit more upright and splash around.

 Here I am with Luca in the Garden of the villa.

 This is mummy and daddy just after they got engaged. Both still wearing their PJ’s but looking very happy.

 Family selfie on the flight home. I slept for 2 hours after a long busy week.   
I went on my first bus ride with Mummy, Auntie LaLa and Luca back home from Gatwick.   

 We had so much fun in Portgual and can’t wait until we have another week together in Dorset in June. 

I slept like a big boy in the travel cot every night and although the food was really different in Portgual I ate it all. 

Week 25 and then some…

 Mummy seems to have got some weeks mixed up. So here are some photos of what I have been doing for a few weeks. 

Here I am with my friends, Kainan, Ronnie, Imogen, Bailey and of course little baby Jenson. We went to Sarah’s house and mummy caught up with her school friends Anna, Danielle, Stacey and Sarah.


I got tired so I had a nap in Jensons swig chair. It was very comfy.


Me and Jenson, our mummies love the baby clothes in Next. 


We went to visit mummy’s friend Katie and her little boy Noah. Noah enjoyed talking to me and let me use his highchair for me to eat my lunch. 

 Chilling at home with mummy and daddy.



We went out for dinner with Nanny Polly, GG and Great Nanny Thelma. I sat I a high chair and was so well behaved. Lots of people were saying how cute I was.

 I’ve become so much more confident sitting up now. Here I am having a good look at the garden.
I’m doing so well with my weaning, I have 3 x 8oz bottles each day and 3 meals. I love my porridge in the mornings and spaghetti Bolognaise is my favourite dinner. 

Mummy made me some dinners in our blender, we had swede and potato mash and blueberry & strawberry purée. 

Week 24

This week I am feeling lots better. I still have a bad cough but I’m getting there.   

My birthday buddy let me borrow his chair when we went to visit him and his mum Nikki. 

We went to see Great Nanny Doreen, we see her most weeks but she always notices when I am changing.

This week I met G.Nanny Doreen’s cousin Shirley. She gave me some money for Xmas and mummy used it to buy me some clothes. I was a bit unsure when Shirley have me a cuddle because she is deaf so she speaks really loudly which made me jump. 
I’m trying lots of different foods. The only one I really don’t like at the moment is shepherds pie. I sometimes cry when the spoon is taken out of my mouth because I don’t understand that I will get it back again. 

Week 22

Here I am chilling at Nanny and Grandads, watching the TV.    

Having fun playing with the sensory materials. 


I got a really bad cold this week and it made my eyes really weepy. I was sad for lots of the days but I managed a smile for Charlotte and Luca.

We attempted a sleepover at Aunty LaLa and Liam’s house but I didn’t want to sleep in the travel cot so we came home.

On Sunday we went to see Nanny Sue and Grandad Bernie in Littlehampton. They are staying at Great Nanny Val’s house whilst the sale of it is being finalised. We went for a very windy walk along the seafront. The dogs Dylan and Walter really liked me and gave me lots of kisses just like Reggie does.

My sleeping has become very broken because of my cold so mummy and daddy are very tired. 

I am having some different flavours of food now, I like the custard rice pudding and banana swirl.

Week 21 

This week I’ve been having porridge most mornings for my breakfast and some rusk in the afternoon. 

 Mummy and Daddy to get my first highchair this week. They got it from Toys R Us where mummy used to go to look at toys when she was little. 


I met Daddy’s good friend Scott, who came from Guildford to meet me. He said I was the first baby he had held, Scott brought me this lovely elephant teddy. 
 Here I am in Brighton with Mummy’s friend Josie. They used to work together in Brighton Accessorize. 

I’ve got a new hat that Auntie Cathie knitted for me, it keeps my head nice and snug.  

I’ve got this amazing play ring that helps me sit up to play with my toys. Mummy likes it because it keeps me safe if she needs to do something in the house. 


Week 20

This week I got to try my first foods. I’ve had rusk, baby rice and some banana porridge. Mummy and Daddy can’t wait to let me try all sorts of different foods.    

I met someone very special to Mummy, her secondary school tutor Hannah Fox and her little girl Iris. Iris loves babies and wanted to share the toys with me. 

At the weekend we went up north to visit more of Daddy’s family I hadnt met yet, everyone was lovely and gave me lots of cuddles. 

We also went for afternoon tea with daddy’s school friend Michael and his lovely lady Sarah. 


I spent Thursday with Cousin Luca and I’ve decided I quite like him and wanted to hold his hands. Luca is very affectionate towards me and it won’t be long until we can share toys and entertain each other.


Week 19

I’ve found my feet!! Whenever I am having my nappy or clothes changed I love grabbing hold of my feet, I’m sure it won’t be long until they end up in my mouth.   
 I got a new stroller for when we go on holiday in a few weeks, I look very small in it at the moment. 
We went for a walk into town with Nanny Polly, Auntie LaLa and Luca. It was very sunny and cold so mummy put my sunglasses on me, I was very happy to wear them all the way to town. 

   Nanny Polly and GG got me a jumperoo for Christmas and I’m strong enough to go in it now. I love looking at the toys and occasionally bounce myself for a while.

Chilling in mum and dads bed ?   

We went to see Nanny Polly’s friends Sharon and Rick at K2 and they had their two granddaughters Chloe and Kirsty with them. Auntie LaLa was doing an exam so Nanny was looking after Luca. 

Having fun at Sara’s House.   

Mummy realised that Luca’s hat matched my outfit ?

I had my third lot of injections done this week, no more until I am one. I was very braved and only cried for a few seconds. Nanny stayed up after her night shift so she could distract me with a toy when it was being done. She must love me very much as she was very tired. 

Mummy and Daddy are starting to buy some food for when I’m ready to start being weaned onto solids. It will be nice to have breakfast with my cousin Luca when we are in Portugal. 






Week 18

This week we went to see Mummy’s friends Danielle and Nikki, I was very well behaved and I am loving my new upright seat in the pram.   
 Here I am having a nap with Daddy, he isn’t very good at staying awake because he works hard all day out in the cold.

Im still sleeping in my snuzpod, mummy plays lullabies to me on her phone and it sends me to sleep. 

 Here I am with my birthday buddie Arthur. We love the lights and bubbles in the sensory room at stay and play.   
I’m learning how to push up on my arms when I’m doing tummy time. I get tired quite quickly though. 

I am dribbling lots more because I am starting to teeth which is making me unsettled at night – mummy and daddy are hoping this is a phase as they were getting used to me sleeping through the night.