Week 17

We have had lots of fun this week, seeing lots of people. 


Here I am at cousin Luca’s house sharing his toys.

I even went in his walker but my little feet don’t reach the ground yet so I just had a chew on the toys.



Me and Mummy went to Mini Mayhem with Auntie Charlotte and Luca. I decided now was a good time to learn how to sit up! I’m still wobbly but learning how to hold my weight up better each day.

I went to meet Auntie Jen and Alan for the first time. I was very sleepy so I’m not too impressed in this one.

I was starting to get bored in the carrycot pram as I couldn’t see very well so Mummy and Daddy switched me to the seat and I love it. I have a cosy toes which keeps me nice and warm. 
Here I am with Auntie Channy. 

Most mornings I wake up between 7-8 for my bottle and I have started going into my cot regularly for my morning naps. 

I’m still on 8oz bottles and going to bed around 9-9:30pm (which is quite late) 

Week 16 Happy New Year!

 This week has been very busy as Daddy is still off of work. We went into town to buy some new things for the house and some clothes for me. This is our family selfie in T K Maxx.  

I went with mummy and daddy to visit Great Aunty Wendy and cousin Alex gave me these baby Raybans. They will be perfect for when we go to Portugal in March.


I am getting so strong on my front now and will happily stay like this for a while before I get tired.

On New Year’s Eve we went to a restaurant with Nanny Polly and GG, Auntie Chantelle and Uncle Nathan. It was very noisy but I was a good boy and went to sleep because I was so tired from looking all around at the balloons and lights.  


Nanny Polly and GG brought me this cosy dressing gown for Christmas. It’s lovely and fluffy.


This is my smart outfit that Aunty Chantelle and Uncle Nathan got me for Christmas.

We had a lovely sleep over at Chantelle and Nathans and I woke up in a really chatty mood even though we had a late night.

I’ve decided that 8ozs isn’t quite enough now so I am having 9oz bottles. I don’t always finish them but it won’t be long before I get to try some foods because milk won’t fill me up enough. 

I have been practicing rolling onto my back from being on my side with Nanny Polly and Mummy. 

I have started to play with some of the toys that I was given for Christmas, I love my talking teddy bear and crab rattles. 

Week 15 – Christmas

I am still going through my current leap so there are lots of changes in my behaviour whilst I am learning new skills.

 Here I am with daddy watching lullabies on the iPad.

I have started going into my cot for my day time naps to get me used to waking up in my own room, mummy has set the monitor up so she can get on with housework whilst I am asleep.  


On Monday I went with mummy to see her friend Katie and I met her little boy Noah.

Getting in some tummy time. I’m getting stronger and can lift my head higher now.    

On Saturday I went to town with Daddy, and Uncles Nathan and Piete whilst mummy Nanny Polly and Charlotte when with Channy to find her wedding dress! 


This are my presents for Christmas Day all wrapped up under the tree.


It’s Christmasssss! 


It’s also cousin Luca’s first Christmas and he has a matching Santa Sack full of presents from Father Christmas. 
   Having a chat with my talking teddy.

Here I am opening my first ever present.  

I got lots of lovely things…  


We spent Xmas day at Nanny Polly and Granddad G’s house. There was lots going on but I was very well behaved. 

My sleeping pattern has been disruppted so I am waking up at around 04:30 for a chat and then going back to sleep. 

I have learned how to hold toys and put them to my mouth. 

Week 14

 This week I met mummy’s friend Chanelle who came from Croydon with Jodie. She brought me some Christmas slippers, which are nice and warm.  
I had great fun playing with some sensory bottles that we borrowed from the toy library.
Auntie Channy let me try her bobble hat on.

I went to see great nanny Thelma with Auntie Charlotte and Luca.

I’m getting such a big boy now that I have moved in 3-6 month clothes.  


I am able to play with a lot more of my rattles and toys now that I can hold them for myself.
Having play time at Auntie Channy and Uncle Nathans.

I am going through my biggest mental development so far so my routine has been disruppted this week. I am still taking 8oz bottles 4 times a day but i don’t like settling by myself now, and I fight going to sleep. 

Week 13

This week baby Jenson Jay Brian Forrest arrived! He is absolutely adorable – congratulations to his mummy Sarah, daddy Luis and big brother Bailey.

In the mornings now after my first bottle I am having around an hours nap, which gives mummy time to run around the house getting ready.

  We went with Auntie LaLa, cousin Luca and Nanny Polly to see Great Nanny Doreen.   
Everyone says I have a very serious face but I really enjoy smiling as well :)

I am still loving the swing chair that mummy’s best friend Sara lent to me. 

 Mummy went to work for a few hours this week so Nanny Polly looked after me. Here I am having a nap with Reggie.

Merry Christmas ?- my Christmas cards have arrived and mummy can’t wait to send them out to everyone! 

Modelling my new winter hat   

 On Friday mummy and I went to see her friend Nikki and baby Arthur in Reigate. 

Arthur’s birthday is the same day as mine and we were both born exactly a week after our due dates. 

Here we are at a garden centre where they have real reindeer. 

This week we also went to a play day at the family centre where mummy learned what a treasure box is and that there are lots of things around the house that I am interested in looking at and feeling. We borrowed a sensory pack to play with.




Week 12

 On Friday mummy and daddy took me back to hospital as my breathing still wasn’t right and I wasn’t taking my normal 7 ounce bottles. They said I have bronchiolitis which is very common in babies at this time of year. I got stay in a big boys bed and I was so well behaved when the nurses had to check me every few hours. Mummy had to stay on her own with me which she was nervous about but everyone came to see us on Saturday. They let me go home on Sunday because I had improved so much.  
Having a chat with Great Nanny Doreen.

  I got to go to the sensory room again with Auntie Charlotte and Luca. Now I am a bit bigger I am more interested, my favourite part is still all of the different lights.
I’ve got a new jingly ball which I love. Mummy hangs it from my car seat when we go out and I am trying really hard to reach out for it.  
Mummy’s friend Rosy came to visit and she says she loves my big chubby cheeks.

All snuggled up to go to Weymouth for the first time. It was very windy and I was asleep for most of the time but mummy and daddy got some Christmas shopping done so that was good.

  Uncle Liam proposed to Auntie LaLa when we were in Dorset so we had a surprise party to celebrate.   
  It all got a bit much for me and Luca so we went upstairs to have a nap.  
  Giorgia and Piete came from Somerset for the party and they looked after me whilst mummy and daddy took Reggie for a run on the field to wear him out. Here I am having a moan.  
Auntie Channy is very funny and makes me laugh lots.

Reggie gets jealous when Nanny Polly gives me a bottle and he wants to be involved. He always gives me lots of kisses so I don’t mind.  

We went to the Swan which is a pub that Grandad Gavin first came to when he was on holiday with his mum and dad in the 1970’s. So I am the 5th generation of my mums family to come here. 

 I am now drinking 8ounce bottles 4 times a day. When someone puts a toy in my hand I can move it around and I show that I am excited by kicking my legs. 
I can turn my head from side to side when I am my tummy. 

I am making lots of talking noises now and have started to dribble lots – my teeth are on their way.

Week 11

 This week I went to on my first day out with just Daddy. Mummy went to one of her best friend Sarah’s baby showers and I went to visit Auntie Sarah, Uncle Andy and my twin cousins Willow and Maisie. Nanny Sue and Grandad Bernie were there which was lovely as I don’t get to see them that often.  
  Mummy brought me a new winter hat but I think I have some growing to do before it will fit me properly.  

We went to costa with Nanny, Auntie LaLa and Luca. 

  We attempted a Xmas photo shoot but I just wanted a bottle and didn’t like having to sit still for so long. Luca was a good boy.   
  Me with Nanny Sue, Willow and Maisie.
When daddy got home from work I said hello by being sick. Daddy wasn’t impressed but I thought it was funny.  
 I’ve been playing in my frog chair lots more this week and love my crinkly zebra. 

I had a cold this week and on Thursday my chest was quite wheezy so mummy and daddy took me to the hospital to get checked out. The doctor gave me an inhaler and nebuliser which seemed to help. I didn’t mind because I was still smiling lots.

I have been sleeping through the night for 3 weeks now and I love watching the tv because of the sounds and bright colours.

I have been doing more tummy time getting my neck muscles stronger so I can learn to lift my head. 

Week 9 & 10

I had my first jabs at 9 weeks, I wasn’t very happy about it but I liked the calpol that I got to have after.   
  On Saturday we went to visit mummy’s uncle Dean, Auntie Sarah and twin cousins George and Dean Jnr. Here is Dean Jnr with his daughter Scarlette.  
  Here I am with mummy’s cousin George   
Here I am with Auntie Channy and Cousin Luca.

On Monday we went to Edenbridge whilst auntie Charlotte had her hair done, we went to Costa with Nanny and Luca

I don’t cry when I have a bath anymore so I get more time kicking in the water.

I love my frog chair and have started grabbing at the toys, I like the sounds the crinkly ones make.

We went to visit Auntie Channy, I wasn’t happy when we had to leave to go home.

Grandad works long hours and when he gets home I’m usually tired and waiting for my bottle. It’s nothing personal, I promise.

I giggled for the first time and it was daddy being silly that got to hear it first but mummy caught it on camera straight after. 

I’ve been sleeping really well and even went from 8-7 one night, mummy kept waking up checking on me but I was fast asleep. 

Week 8

This week I went for a sleepover at Nanny Polly and Grandad Gavin’s house whilst mummy and daddy went to a Halloween party. I was very well behaved and we went in the car to see Great Nanny Thelma.

Mummy thinks I look more scared than scary in this picture with Grandad G.  

 This is how I look at 2am after being changed because I was sick…  

Enjoying tummy time, I am getting better at holding my head up but mostly I just put my hands in my mouth when I am on my tummy.

  I am always very smiley in the mornings.   
Me and Mummy at Nanny and Grandads house.

  Went for a trip to town. Mummy likes to buy me new clothes. I probably have too many but she says I’m worth it.   
I went to the sensory room with Auntie Charlotte, Luca and Nanny Polly for the first time. I stayed awake the whole time and loved looking at all of the lights. 

Luca is getting used to having me around and likes to hold my hand.

I get worried when my bottle isn’t finished and someone tries to wind me because I don’t know that I will get the bottle back when I have burped. 

My cousin Luca has given me his frog chair as he is too big for it now. I fit into it perfectly and really like that I am sat upright and can look all around me. 

On Thursday me, Mummy, Auntie Charlotte and Luca went to visit Great Nanny Thelma in Croydon. I then got to see where Grandad Gavin works for the first time. That’s his big truck in the back ground. 

I am now drinking 7 oz bottles and I am sleeping for about 6 1/2 hours solid at night which makes mummy and daddy very happy. 

I don’t like being cuddled for long after I have had a bottle, I like to lay on my changing mat so I can look around and kick my legs and I am learning to fall asleep for my naps during the day on my own which makes mummy very proud.