Hello World…

I arrived at 16:38pm on the 11th of September 2015, a week over my due date. I was in the wrong position, and after a 41 hour labour, I was delivered by emergency C – section. Everyone was very relieved when I finally arrived safe and sound. I weighed a healthy 9lb 6ozs and I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Nanny Paula and Daddy were amazing throughout Mummy’s labour and she couldn’t have done it without them.

Mummy and Daddy named me, Elwood Gavin Kenneth Hawkshaw. My middle names are both of my Grandads names and Daddy picked my first name from a character in one of his favourite films – The Blues Brothers.
We stayed in Hospital for 2 nights and Daddy had lots of practice changing my clothes and nappies as Mummy couldn’t move around much because of her operation. He did a brilliant job.

We had lots of visitors at the hospital, Nanny Paula and Grandad, Great Nanny Doreen, Auntie Chantelle and Uncle Nathan, Auntie Charlotte and Uncle Liam, mummy’s friend Julie and her two best friends Sara and Sarah all came to meet me.

We were all looking forward to getting home and starting our new life as a family of 3.

 Here is mummy in labour before going back to the hospital

Mummy and Daddy at Nanny and Grandads House. Daddy looks in a much better state than Mummy does :)

 Mummy trying to get some rest inbetween contractions.

 Our first family photo.

Here are some other photos from my first 2 days. 



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