This week three really big things happened, Daddy asked Mummy to marry him, I rolled over for the first time and I reached a whopping 6 months old.  
This was the photo mummy and auntie Giorg spent half an hour trying to capture. I was more interested in putting my toes in the air.  
 Here I am on the flight to Portugal, it’s not a great photo but I was so well behaved.

A family photo of us in the pool, it was freezing and Daddy moaned the whole time. I just liked floating around in my swimseat.

 We went out for lunch when we arrived and I had everyone in stitches at the restaurant because I was giggling so much. One lady stopped eating her meal to come and take a photo of me.   
Me and mummy at the airport.

 A family selfie of all of the gang on our way to dinner.

We managed to get a lovely photo of everyone at dinner. 

There weren’t any baths in the villa so I had my first sink bath! I loved it because I could sit more upright and splash around.

 Here I am with Luca in the Garden of the villa.

 This is mummy and daddy just after they got engaged. Both still wearing their PJ’s but looking very happy.

 Family selfie on the flight home. I slept for 2 hours after a long busy week.   
I went on my first bus ride with Mummy, Auntie LaLa and Luca back home from Gatwick.   

 We had so much fun in Portgual and can’t wait until we have another week together in Dorset in June. 

I slept like a big boy in the travel cot every night and although the food was really different in Portgual I ate it all. 

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