Week 12

 On Friday mummy and daddy took me back to hospital as my breathing still wasn’t right and I wasn’t taking my normal 7 ounce bottles. They said I have bronchiolitis which is very common in babies at this time of year. I got stay in a big boys bed and I was so well behaved when the nurses had to check me every few hours. Mummy had to stay on her own with me which she was nervous about but everyone came to see us on Saturday. They let me go home on Sunday because I had improved so much.  
Having a chat with Great Nanny Doreen.

  I got to go to the sensory room again with Auntie Charlotte and Luca. Now I am a bit bigger I am more interested, my favourite part is still all of the different lights.
I’ve got a new jingly ball which I love. Mummy hangs it from my car seat when we go out and I am trying really hard to reach out for it.  
Mummy’s friend Rosy came to visit and she says she loves my big chubby cheeks.

All snuggled up to go to Weymouth for the first time. It was very windy and I was asleep for most of the time but mummy and daddy got some Christmas shopping done so that was good.

  Uncle Liam proposed to Auntie LaLa when we were in Dorset so we had a surprise party to celebrate.   
  It all got a bit much for me and Luca so we went upstairs to have a nap.  
  Giorgia and Piete came from Somerset for the party and they looked after me whilst mummy and daddy took Reggie for a run on the field to wear him out. Here I am having a moan.  
Auntie Channy is very funny and makes me laugh lots.

Reggie gets jealous when Nanny Polly gives me a bottle and he wants to be involved. He always gives me lots of kisses so I don’t mind.  

We went to the Swan which is a pub that Grandad Gavin first came to when he was on holiday with his mum and dad in the 1970’s. So I am the 5th generation of my mums family to come here. 

 I am now drinking 8ounce bottles 4 times a day. When someone puts a toy in my hand I can move it around and I show that I am excited by kicking my legs. 
I can turn my head from side to side when I am my tummy. 

I am making lots of talking noises now and have started to dribble lots – my teeth are on their way.

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