Week 13

This week baby Jenson Jay Brian Forrest arrived! He is absolutely adorable – congratulations to his mummy Sarah, daddy Luis and big brother Bailey.

In the mornings now after my first bottle I am having around an hours nap, which gives mummy time to run around the house getting ready.

  We went with Auntie LaLa, cousin Luca and Nanny Polly to see Great Nanny Doreen.   
Everyone says I have a very serious face but I really enjoy smiling as well :)

I am still loving the swing chair that mummy’s best friend Sara lent to me. 

 Mummy went to work for a few hours this week so Nanny Polly looked after me. Here I am having a nap with Reggie.

Merry Christmas ?- my Christmas cards have arrived and mummy can’t wait to send them out to everyone! 

Modelling my new winter hat   

 On Friday mummy and I went to see her friend Nikki and baby Arthur in Reigate. 

Arthur’s birthday is the same day as mine and we were both born exactly a week after our due dates. 

Here we are at a garden centre where they have real reindeer. 

This week we also went to a play day at the family centre where mummy learned what a treasure box is and that there are lots of things around the house that I am interested in looking at and feeling. We borrowed a sensory pack to play with.




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