Week 16 Happy New Year!

 This week has been very busy as Daddy is still off of work. We went into town to buy some new things for the house and some clothes for me. This is our family selfie in T K Maxx.  

I went with mummy and daddy to visit Great Aunty Wendy and cousin Alex gave me these baby Raybans. They will be perfect for when we go to Portugal in March.


I am getting so strong on my front now and will happily stay like this for a while before I get tired.

On New Year’s Eve we went to a restaurant with Nanny Polly and GG, Auntie Chantelle and Uncle Nathan. It was very noisy but I was a good boy and went to sleep because I was so tired from looking all around at the balloons and lights.  


Nanny Polly and GG brought me this cosy dressing gown for Christmas. It’s lovely and fluffy.


This is my smart outfit that Aunty Chantelle and Uncle Nathan got me for Christmas.

We had a lovely sleep over at Chantelle and Nathans and I woke up in a really chatty mood even though we had a late night.

I’ve decided that 8ozs isn’t quite enough now so I am having 9oz bottles. I don’t always finish them but it won’t be long before I get to try some foods because milk won’t fill me up enough. 

I have been practicing rolling onto my back from being on my side with Nanny Polly and Mummy. 

I have started to play with some of the toys that I was given for Christmas, I love my talking teddy bear and crab rattles. 

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