Week 15 – Christmas

I am still going through my current leap so there are lots of changes in my behaviour whilst I am learning new skills.

 Here I am with daddy watching lullabies on the iPad.

I have started going into my cot for my day time naps to get me used to waking up in my own room, mummy has set the monitor up so she can get on with housework whilst I am asleep.  


On Monday I went with mummy to see her friend Katie and I met her little boy Noah.

Getting in some tummy time. I’m getting stronger and can lift my head higher now.    

On Saturday I went to town with Daddy, and Uncles Nathan and Piete whilst mummy Nanny Polly and Charlotte when with Channy to find her wedding dress! 


This are my presents for Christmas Day all wrapped up under the tree.


It’s Christmasssss! 


It’s also cousin Luca’s first Christmas and he has a matching Santa Sack full of presents from Father Christmas. 
   Having a chat with my talking teddy.

Here I am opening my first ever present.  

I got lots of lovely things…  


We spent Xmas day at Nanny Polly and Granddad G’s house. There was lots going on but I was very well behaved. 

My sleeping pattern has been disruppted so I am waking up at around 04:30 for a chat and then going back to sleep. 

I have learned how to hold toys and put them to my mouth. 

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