Week 17

We have had lots of fun this week, seeing lots of people. 


Here I am at cousin Luca’s house sharing his toys.

I even went in his walker but my little feet don’t reach the ground yet so I just had a chew on the toys.



Me and Mummy went to Mini Mayhem with Auntie Charlotte and Luca. I decided now was a good time to learn how to sit up! I’m still wobbly but learning how to hold my weight up better each day.

I went to meet Auntie Jen and Alan for the first time. I was very sleepy so I’m not too impressed in this one.

I was starting to get bored in the carrycot pram as I couldn’t see very well so Mummy and Daddy switched me to the seat and I love it. I have a cosy toes which keeps me nice and warm. 
Here I am with Auntie Channy. 

Most mornings I wake up between 7-8 for my bottle and I have started going into my cot regularly for my morning naps. 

I’m still on 8oz bottles and going to bed around 9-9:30pm (which is quite late) 

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