Week 18

This week we went to see Mummy’s friends Danielle and Nikki, I was very well behaved and I am loving my new upright seat in the pram.   
 Here I am having a nap with Daddy, he isn’t very good at staying awake because he works hard all day out in the cold.

Im still sleeping in my snuzpod, mummy plays lullabies to me on her phone and it sends me to sleep. 

 Here I am with my birthday buddie Arthur. We love the lights and bubbles in the sensory room at stay and play.   
I’m learning how to push up on my arms when I’m doing tummy time. I get tired quite quickly though. 

I am dribbling lots more because I am starting to teeth which is making me unsettled at night – mummy and daddy are hoping this is a phase as they were getting used to me sleeping through the night. 

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