Week 19

I’ve found my feet!! Whenever I am having my nappy or clothes changed I love grabbing hold of my feet, I’m sure it won’t be long until they end up in my mouth.   
 I got a new stroller for when we go on holiday in a few weeks, I look very small in it at the moment. 
We went for a walk into town with Nanny Polly, Auntie LaLa and Luca. It was very sunny and cold so mummy put my sunglasses on me, I was very happy to wear them all the way to town. 

   Nanny Polly and GG got me a jumperoo for Christmas and I’m strong enough to go in it now. I love looking at the toys and occasionally bounce myself for a while.

Chilling in mum and dads bed ?   

We went to see Nanny Polly’s friends Sharon and Rick at K2 and they had their two granddaughters Chloe and Kirsty with them. Auntie LaLa was doing an exam so Nanny was looking after Luca. 

Having fun at Sara’s House.   

Mummy realised that Luca’s hat matched my outfit ?

I had my third lot of injections done this week, no more until I am one. I was very braved and only cried for a few seconds. Nanny stayed up after her night shift so she could distract me with a toy when it was being done. She must love me very much as she was very tired. 

Mummy and Daddy are starting to buy some food for when I’m ready to start being weaned onto solids. It will be nice to have breakfast with my cousin Luca when we are in Portugal. 






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