Week 21 

This week I’ve been having porridge most mornings for my breakfast and some rusk in the afternoon. 

 Mummy and Daddy to get my first highchair this week. They got it from Toys R Us where mummy used to go to look at toys when she was little. 


I met Daddy’s good friend Scott, who came from Guildford to meet me. He said I was the first baby he had held, Scott brought me this lovely elephant teddy. 
 Here I am in Brighton with Mummy’s friend Josie. They used to work together in Brighton Accessorize. 

I’ve got a new hat that Auntie Cathie knitted for me, it keeps my head nice and snug.  

I’ve got this amazing play ring that helps me sit up to play with my toys. Mummy likes it because it keeps me safe if she needs to do something in the house. 


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