Week 22

Here I am chilling at Nanny and Grandads, watching the TV.    

Having fun playing with the sensory materials. 


I got a really bad cold this week and it made my eyes really weepy. I was sad for lots of the days but I managed a smile for Charlotte and Luca.

We attempted a sleepover at Aunty LaLa and Liam’s house but I didn’t want to sleep in the travel cot so we came home.

On Sunday we went to see Nanny Sue and Grandad Bernie in Littlehampton. They are staying at Great Nanny Val’s house whilst the sale of it is being finalised. We went for a very windy walk along the seafront. The dogs Dylan and Walter really liked me and gave me lots of kisses just like Reggie does.

My sleeping has become very broken because of my cold so mummy and daddy are very tired. 

I am having some different flavours of food now, I like the custard rice pudding and banana swirl.

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