Week 24

This week I am feeling lots better. I still have a bad cough but I’m getting there.   

My birthday buddy let me borrow his chair when we went to visit him and his mum Nikki. 

We went to see Great Nanny Doreen, we see her most weeks but she always notices when I am changing.

This week I met G.Nanny Doreen’s cousin Shirley. She gave me some money for Xmas and mummy used it to buy me some clothes. I was a bit unsure when Shirley have me a cuddle because she is deaf so she speaks really loudly which made me jump. 
I’m trying lots of different foods. The only one I really don’t like at the moment is shepherds pie. I sometimes cry when the spoon is taken out of my mouth because I don’t understand that I will get it back again. 

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