Week 25 and then some…

 Mummy seems to have got some weeks mixed up. So here are some photos of what I have been doing for a few weeks. 

Here I am with my friends, Kainan, Ronnie, Imogen, Bailey and of course little baby Jenson. We went to Sarah’s house and mummy caught up with her school friends Anna, Danielle, Stacey and Sarah.


I got tired so I had a nap in Jensons swig chair. It was very comfy.


Me and Jenson, our mummies love the baby clothes in Next. 


We went to visit mummy’s friend Katie and her little boy Noah. Noah enjoyed talking to me and let me use his highchair for me to eat my lunch. 

 Chilling at home with mummy and daddy.



We went out for dinner with Nanny Polly, GG and Great Nanny Thelma. I sat I a high chair and was so well behaved. Lots of people were saying how cute I was.

 I’ve become so much more confident sitting up now. Here I am having a good look at the garden.
I’m doing so well with my weaning, I have 3 x 8oz bottles each day and 3 meals. I love my porridge in the mornings and spaghetti Bolognaise is my favourite dinner. 

Mummy made me some dinners in our blender, we had swede and potato mash and blueberry & strawberry purée. 

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