Week 26

A new cousin is on its way!!! 

Aunty Chantelle and Uncle Nathan are having a baby. They have waited a really long time for this and everyone is so happy and excited for them. In a few weeks we will find out if it is a little girl or boy.


When I eat finger foods it can be really messy, sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t just bit it or put it all in my mouth. I don’t understand that I need to chew it to break bits off.  

We went to mini mayhem with mummy’s friend Sarah and her little girl Isabella. We really liked looking at each other and we held hands for a minute. Our mummy’s hope we will grow up to be good friends. 

Mummy had a choir performance at the Hawth on Wednesday so I went and had an evening with the Kenneth’s. Here I am with Uncle Liam and Luca. 
This week Mummy and Daddy have noticed lots of changes in my brain development. 

I am much more aware of movements that I make, they are more intentional than impulsive. I get frustrated if I can’t reach a toy that I was and I can pass my dummy from one hand to another. 

My sleeping routine hasn’t quite gone back to normal since we came home from holiday and I am learning to roll over properly so I practice in my sleep and it wakes me up. Hopefully when I have mastered the skill my routine will get back on track. 

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