Week 8

This week I went for a sleepover at Nanny Polly and Grandad Gavin’s house whilst mummy and daddy went to a Halloween party. I was very well behaved and we went in the car to see Great Nanny Thelma.

Mummy thinks I look more scared than scary in this picture with Grandad G.  

 This is how I look at 2am after being changed because I was sick…  

Enjoying tummy time, I am getting better at holding my head up but mostly I just put my hands in my mouth when I am on my tummy.

  I am always very smiley in the mornings.   
Me and Mummy at Nanny and Grandads house.

  Went for a trip to town. Mummy likes to buy me new clothes. I probably have too many but she says I’m worth it.   
I went to the sensory room with Auntie Charlotte, Luca and Nanny Polly for the first time. I stayed awake the whole time and loved looking at all of the lights. 

Luca is getting used to having me around and likes to hold my hand.

I get worried when my bottle isn’t finished and someone tries to wind me because I don’t know that I will get the bottle back when I have burped. 

My cousin Luca has given me his frog chair as he is too big for it now. I fit into it perfectly and really like that I am sat upright and can look all around me. 

On Thursday me, Mummy, Auntie Charlotte and Luca went to visit Great Nanny Thelma in Croydon. I then got to see where Grandad Gavin works for the first time. That’s his big truck in the back ground. 

I am now drinking 7 oz bottles and I am sleeping for about 6 1/2 hours solid at night which makes mummy and daddy very happy. 

I don’t like being cuddled for long after I have had a bottle, I like to lay on my changing mat so I can look around and kick my legs and I am learning to fall asleep for my naps during the day on my own which makes mummy very proud. 

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