Week 9 & 10

I had my first jabs at 9 weeks, I wasn’t very happy about it but I liked the calpol that I got to have after.   
  On Saturday we went to visit mummy’s uncle Dean, Auntie Sarah and twin cousins George and Dean Jnr. Here is Dean Jnr with his daughter Scarlette.  
  Here I am with mummy’s cousin George   
Here I am with Auntie Channy and Cousin Luca.

On Monday we went to Edenbridge whilst auntie Charlotte had her hair done, we went to Costa with Nanny and Luca

I don’t cry when I have a bath anymore so I get more time kicking in the water.

I love my frog chair and have started grabbing at the toys, I like the sounds the crinkly ones make.

We went to visit Auntie Channy, I wasn’t happy when we had to leave to go home.

Grandad works long hours and when he gets home I’m usually tired and waiting for my bottle. It’s nothing personal, I promise.

I giggled for the first time and it was daddy being silly that got to hear it first but mummy caught it on camera straight after. 

I’ve been sleeping really well and even went from 8-7 one night, mummy kept waking up checking on me but I was fast asleep. 

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