Weeks 1 & 2

We had lots more visitors come to our house in the first 2 weeks we were home.

I am feeding well and enjoying lots of cuddles with mummy and daddy. I lost 9% of my birth weight when I was weighed on day 5 but the midwife says this is normal because I was overdue and was a nice big weight when I was born.

I enjoy my swing chair and the music it plays but I’m not so sure about bathtime yet.

Here are some photos showing what I’ve been up to…

Me and Great Nanny Doreen

  Meeting my friend Harper for the 1st time

  I like to pull lots of funny faces

Mine and Daddy’s first selfie that we sent to mummy when she was at the doctors.

Enjoying my swing chair.

Meeting Mummy’s friend Sarah’s little boy Bailey. Sarah also has a baby in her belly.

 Here I am with my cousin Luca, he was born in April so we are only 5 months apart in age. I’m sure we are going to have lots of fun growing up together causing lots of mischief for Mummy and Auntie Charlotte.


This was my first trip out after coming home from hospital, it was to Sainsburys where Nanny Paula works. Mummy and Daddy spent 10 minutes trying to work out how to put the pram frame back down, which made the car wash people laugh.

I didn’t mind because I was having a nap.

Put ’em up.

It’s hard work being this beautiful.

 This blanket was knitted for me by Daddy’s auntie Cathie. It’s lovely and warm.
This is me and Luca having a nap on my first trip to Horsham, it was raining and mummy forgot my rain cover – she is still learning about all the things she needs to remember to pack for me when we go out.

  Here I am with Auntie Chantelle, who came to visit after work.    

This is me with Mummy’s friend Rosy, she liked me very much. Rosy’s mum gave me a quilted blanket which she made – it’s beautiful.

This was the first time I went under my playgym I don’t stay awake for very long between my sleeps but I was having a good look around for 5 minutes.
  This was the first time mummy changed my nappy in public. She was very nervous but Auntie Charlotte helped her and it turned out OK.
  This photo was taken on my first trip into town. We went into Affogato for coffee and cake with Luca, Auntie Charlotte and Auntie Chantelle.
  Here I am expressing my feelings to Nanny Paula about having my first bath…
Having cuddles with Grandad.

Having a nap with mummy who is feeling better all the time after her operation.

Family Selfie…naturally I’m napping again.

Mummy won a competition to have a newborn photo shoot, here I am being a model.

I didn’t want to be moved into lots of different poses at first but after I had a bottle and a cuddle I gave in. Mummy was worried about the flash going off so close to me so she asked the photographer to just use the lighting we had in our living room.

I started off having 3ozs of milk every 3 hours and soon I began to get more hungry and wanted 4ozs every 3 hours.

By the time I was weighed on day 10 I was nearly back to my birth weigh and the midwife was really pleased.

I don’t like being put into my car seat when I am awake but as soon as the car starts moving I really enjoy it and almost always fall asleep by the time we have reached where we are going.

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