Weeks 3 & 4

We have had another busy few weeks meeting more of my family and Mummy’s friends.

I have moved onto 5oz bottles every 3-4 hours and I am getting better at bringing my wind up. 

I was weighed at the health Centre and I am now 10lb 3ozs.

This week I went to meet my Great uncle Warren, Great Auntie Zoe and Mummy’s cousin Maizie. She is only 2 so we are lots closer in age than her and mummy. Here I am with Maizie, Luca, Nanny Paula and Great Nanny Doreen.

I also went and met my other great Nanny Thelma, she said she liked how little I was.

Having a well earned nap after a busy few weeks socialising.

Here I am with my twin cousins Willow and Maisie. They came to visit with their mummy and daddy, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Andy all the way from Southend – on – sea. We had a walk around Tilgate park and then the big people had lunch at Frankie and Bennies and I was very well behaved.

Here is another one of me and Harper, he is very gentle with me and loves to play with my car seat when I’m not using it.

My first journey in my carrier, we went to the shops with Auntie Charlotte, Luca and Nanny Paula. I was very good and slept the whole time.

This is one of the photos from the newborn photo shoot that we had last week.

And another…

I enjoy holding mummy’s finger whilst having my bottle.

Mummy took this photo of me smiling at 4am one morning, she isn’t sure if it was real or just a windy one.

These leg and wrist rattles were brought for me by mummy’s friend Harriet. I am very good at doing the leg ones but I need more practice with moving my arms around lots.

Mummy’s school friend Danielle came to see us from London. I wasn’t very happy staying in my car seat whilst they ate lunch so I had to sit on mummy’s lap.

Mummy and Auntie Chantelle wanted to see what I would look like with lots of hair – this is the result…

Here is me and daddy at Auntie Chantelle and Uncle Nathan’s house.


These are my first pair of jeans.


Here is Mummy feeding me in the memorial gardens.

Here I am with the comforter that Auntie Giorgia and Uncle Piete brought me.

I went in my cot for the first time and I really enjoyed listening to my cot mobile.

This week we went to bounce and roll with Auntie Charlotte, Luca, Sara and Harper. I’m too little to do much but mummy will take me back when I am bigger.

I had a hearing test done this week and it failed which was very worrying for mummy and daddy, they spent lots of time trying to check if I could hear and slowly I started responding more to noises. When the health visitor came back after 5 days I passed the test. My ears had been blocked from having a cold and being born by C section. Now I startle at lots of noises, especially Reggies loud bark.

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