Weeks 5 & 6

I went to meet my Nanny Sue and Grandad Bernie for the first time. I also met Great Auntie Wendy, Great Uncle Nigel, Daddy’s cousin Megan and her boyfriend Harry.We went for lunch in Hastings and saw the place Nanny and Grandad are moving to.
We also went to see Mummy’s uncle Graeme, Auntie Sue, Cousins Sophie, Emily and her boyfriend Jordan.

I got to meet mummy’s oldest best friend Jodie, her mum Tina, Lee, Jay and Mione.

I am going through a development leap at the moment so I am being quite fussy and wanting to drink lots of milk. I am drinking 6ozs at each feed now and at the end of this leap I will be able to focus more on objects and will learn to social smile at people.Me having cuddles with Tina 

Jodie giving me my bottle

Here I am with my Nanny Sue and Great Auntie Wendy.

  Mummy and Daddy had a meeting at the bank but I woke up and decided I wanted my bottle 
  Auntie Charlotte and Uncle Liam looked after me whilst Mummy and Daddy went to Alexander house for afternoon tea. I was very well behaved.  Watching TV with Nanny Polly 

Thinking hard about life

My first photo with my friend Reggie. He has been so well behaved when I am at Nanny and Grandads, he wants to give me lots of kisses.

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